Shower Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a brand new shower system but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, KE Plumbing is here to guide you through the process. Whatever you are looking for, our shower buying guide will help you make the right decision to suit your every want and need. We will explain the different shower systems on the market and you can decide which one is the perfect fit.

Traditional Showers

A traditional shower will tend to have more emphasis on graceful curves and classically-styled handles. Traditional styles are often chosen for their timeless appeal as they are less likely to look dated in years to come. If you’re after more of a vintage bathroom decor, a traditional style could be just what you’re looking for.

Modern Showers

A modern shower is smooth, sleek and fits into a more minimalist aesthetic. This fits in perfectly with modern bathroom fixtures such as contemporary vanity units and angled freestanding baths. A modern design also has hidden pipework to provide a contemporary, tidy and fresh feel to your bathroom.

Thermostatic Shower

Thermostatic mixer showers work in a similar way to mixer showers as they take the water from hot and cold taps. Their main selling point is that they regulate the temperature and flow to keep them consistent. This means that if someone in the house is using another tap, you won’t suddenly experience bursts of freezing cold or, more importantly, scolding hot water. If exceptionally hot water were to pump out, the shower would shut down immediately – the perfect solution for young families as they reduce the risk of scalding.

Exposed Showers

Exposed showers are fitted outside the wall which saves problems later down the line as you do not have to take a wall out to install it. Exposed showers also have a choice of different sized heads and have a choice of square or round designs. We have plenty of these showers on display in our showroom.

Concealed Showers

Concealed showers designs instantly provide a modern aesthetic as the components are hidden behind the wall. This creates a clean, fresh and impressive design. You can choose from different sized shower heads, a waterfall head and square or round valves.

Electric Showers