A Quick Guide To Finding Your Perfect Bathroom Suite

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms within your home, so it is very important that it is finished exactly the way you want it. Often home owners can be displeased with their newly designed bathroom and complain about the vagueness of it in comparison to their original vision. Sometimes a considerable amount of money and time is wasted as a result of this mismatch.

A synchronized bathroom suite is a comprehensive solution for most buyers. Built in themes instil a sense of uniformity and make the suite a convenient and economical option leaving you happy with your decision. At KE Plumbing, thankfully we work alongside our customer at every stage of the process from design to the finish product. This helps ensure that each customers design aspirations are met, and every penny is correctly invested.

Below is a quick guide on key aspects that must be taken into consideration when planning your brand new bathroom design.

Match your home style

Matching the house decor to achieve harmony is as important as the uniformity within the suite; a contemporary house will find a modern designer suite highly compatible whereas an ancestral property would demand a traditional design.

The Longevity factor

Long-term means an investment, and it is here that we scrutinise and delve into finer aspects of quality, style and expression. So when choosing your bathroom, high quality goods are a must as it will save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.


It’s always good to know how big your bathroom is, you need to know your measurements down to the last millimetre (mm). This will allow you to plan the moving area within the bathroom and choose a suite which best suits your space.

Suite to suit your bathroom

No bathroom is too small or too big, it is how we end up using it is an important matter, which highlights again planning your design. If a bathroom is smaller than average or non-rectangular a range of suites with tapered baths, cloakroom units and toilets are available to match these settings.

Benefit from matching accessories

Colour schemes, patterns and above all a general style under which taps, , mirrors, cabinets and other accessories are customized to achieve uniformity and order.

What’s in the colour

Colours deeply affect us and are amongst the top in our list of preferences, very rarely do we settle for a compromise. Choosing the right shade is crucial for it to have a nurturing effect on us every day inside our bathrooms.

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